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This community is passionate about football, bringing together players of all ages and backgrounds. Whether playing for fun or competitively, football is the common bond that unites everyone. From weekly pick-up games to formal leagues and tournaments, the community comes together to share their love for the game and create lasting memories.



"BLR FOOTBALL, established in September 2021, has rapidly grown to be a prominent player in the realm of sports event management and digital content creation. Our dedication to organising exhilarating Turf Football Matches has led us to successfully manage over 300 matches, fostering an electrifying atmosphere.

Through organic efforts, we've reached out to an audience of over 1 lakh impressions on our social platform, captivating their enthusiasm for football. Within this vibrant community, we've fostered relationships with 250+ dedicated regular players, forming the backbone of our dynamic football ecosystem.

Our WhatsApp community has burgeoned to encompass more than 500 members, each sharing a passion for the beautiful game. This interwoven network ensures the seamless flow of information and enthusiasm among fellow football players.

Our current online following comprises an impressive 500+ individuals, we are resolutely aiming to amplify our reach tenfold over the next few months, targeting an audience eager to partake in the excitement we cultivate.

At the heart of BLR FOOTBALL is the visionary dream of our founder, Sameer Khatib. His aspiration to build the Bangalore Football Community step by step is rooted in the profound desire to promote football and ignite an enduring passion for this beautiful sport. This guiding vision propels us forward as we continue to unite football enthusiasts, spark connections, and create lasting memories through our events and content.